General & Family Practice, Coole, Co.Westmeath, N91 F7XR

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday 9am-12:30pm & 2pm-5pm
  Contact : 044 966 1104


A comprehensive GP physician led health check service, offering you a detailed snapshot of your health in just one visit, taking just 1 hour. Fully integrated within Coole Surgery, all results are reviewed and reported on by Consultants with expertise in their area.

At Coole we now offer full medicals, here’s what’s included:

  • Full medical check up – CVS examination/respiratory examination
  • Women’s or Men’s health check up – Cardiovascular examination/breast check/scrotal exam/prostate exam
  • Peak flow – if below 80% predicted, then proceed with spirometry
  • Spirometry for chronic lung disease/smokers/asthmatics
  • ECG and pulse oximetry
  • Urinalysis and filtration rate of kidneys
  • Height and weight check giving BMI and advice on ideal weight and abdominal circumference
  • Health questionnaire – last smear/last breast check/last DEXA – any risk factors for these diseases
  • Dietary and exercise questionnaire – expert advice on maximizing health and prolonging life
  • MMSE for people over 70, for dementia screening (+/- trail marking test etc.)
  • Skin evaluation by experienced GP with special interest in dermatology
  • Risk Profile (only with written report option)

Cost €100 or €130